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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Access over 2 million FREE resumes in
Post your job openings for free at over 100 websites!

Are you looking for sites that offer free resumes with candidate contact information?

Have you found one or two good free sites but wish you could find one single resource that offered links to hundreds of free resume databases?

Are you ready to stop scouring the web looking for free resume sites, wasting time and energy, when you could be looking at millions of resumes instead?
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We offer the solution!

You can now have access to hundreds of free resume databases and job posting sites from one single location. You won't ever need to search for free resume or job posting sources again!
Become a member now to access our list of more than 500...

* Free Resume Databases
* Professional Association Sites with free resumes, great way to find niche candidates
*Free Resume and Job Posting Newsgroups
*Free Resume Distribution Sites that email you fresh resumes that match your needs
*Free Student and Alumni Resumes on University Websites
*Free Job Posting Sites

Click Here to View A Demo of what we offer.

This is an ever-growing resource. We have a professional team of Internet Researchers who are always adding new free resume and job posting sites to our lists, based on requests they get from our members. If you join, they will work hard for you too and try to find sites that match your specific needs and add those sites to our lists for you to access.

Our Internet Research Team verifies that each free resume database offers resumes with candidate contact information. They provide the name of the site, approximate number of resumes offered, types of candidates by industry and the direct link to the resume access page or free sign-up form. We understand the time it takes away from your actual job duties to find these free resources so we've cut that out of your day so you can concentrate on finding the right candidate instead of the free database.

Signup today to get the following:
Architecture & Engineering
Business & Financial Operations
Construction & Extraction
Drama, Acting, Media etc
Executives $100,000 plus
Food & Lodging
Geologists, Geophysicists
Healthcare, Doctors, Nurses and more...
Information Technology & Computer & Mathematical
Office & Administrative Support
Pharmaceuticals, Sales
Sales & Related
Science, Biotech, Chemistry
Work at Home candidates
And many more...
We have databases of all types and sizes and are always adding news ones to the list.

Save your company hundreds or even thousands of dollars by using our database to link you to millions of free resumes today!

It’s as simple as this...
You have 2 choices. You can leave this site and continue wasting more valuable time trying to find free resume sites on your own or you can take advantage of the hard work our researchers have already done, and pay a minimal fee to get access to hundreds of free resume and job posting sites right now. How valuable is your time?

Membership Fees
$49.99 for one-year (Best Value)
$29.99 for 3-months

Sign-up now and never waste another moment searching for free resume sites. Spend your time searching for quality candidates instead.

Bonus Report Included with Membership
Title: The Secret to Finding Free Resumes Online

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